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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The MTTLR Blog

by: Kurt Hunt, MTTLR Blog Editor

Legal scholarship has entered a new age. Thanks to the near-immediate distribution made possible by the internet, legal blogs have allowed more interactive, more responsive, and more timely discussions of important legal issues, and we at the Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review believe it's time to add our voices to the conversation.

The MTTLR Blog will be an online companion to the print version of our journal and, like any proper blog, will be updated multiple times a week while school is active. It will feature concise, thoughtful legal analyses by the MTTLR staff, as well as occasional guest posts from established academics, on topics including intellectual property, privacy, technology policy, telecommunications, and cyberlaw.

Our Fall 2007 posts will begin on Monday, October 22, and will include pieces on copyright and fashion, developments in the RIAA's litigation campaign, and reliance of community policing legislation on technology.

Your feedback--both to content, and to the blog generally--are vital to our success, so don't hesitate to make your voice heard. Please comment, e-mail student authors, and send any general questions or comments to our blog editor at mttlr.blog@umich.edu.